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Ci Qi Kou Ancient Town Arhat Temple Jinfo Mountain Great Hall of the People Jindaoxia Three gorges museum
Solitary Joy Temple(Dule Temple)
This temple, also called Great Buddha Temple (Dafosi), is o­ne of the oldest and best-preser
Panshan Mountain
Panshan Mountain is a very famous attraction in Tianjin. It is blessed with strange rock formati
The Old Culture Street
The Old Culture Street is located in the South and North street outside Dongmen of Nankai distri
The Shi's Courtyard
Located in the Yangliuqin town of Xiqing district,it was built in the Guangxu period of Qing dyn
White Tower
White Tower is located in the westsouth of Jinxian city,about 300 meters in the south of Dule Te
Drum Tower
Introduction:Drum Tower was o­ne of the “Tianjin Three Treasures” in ancient times. Situ
Wanghailou Church
Introduction:     Located at the north bank of the Haihe River, the Wangha
Prince Qing Mansion
Introduction:Located at No.55 Chongqing Street, Peace District, Prince Qing Mansion covers an
Tianhou Palace
Introduction:The Tianhou Palace, a famous Taoist temple in Tianjin City, was built to fete God
Pingjin Battle Memorial
Introduction:Pingjin Battle Memorial is situated at No. 8 Pingjin Road, Hongqiao District, and
Drum Tower
Drum tower is situated in the center of ancient town, covering 190,000 square meters with a tota
Dabeichanyuan Temple(Grand Mercy Monastary)
Tianjin's famous Buddhist Grand Mercy Monastery (Dabeiyuan) is located beside the Haihe rive